Branding Guide & Terms

As you would expect, we protect our logo from being used incorrectly or inappropriately (where it suggests an unofficial endorsement or a commercial relationship). We put together the following information that will help you to use the #UKCharityWeek logo correctly.

If you do not have permission to use the logo, please email

You do not need to seek permission if:

  • You are using the public resources ‘as is’.
  • You already have written permission from UK Charity Week.
  • You have an ‘Extended Brand Licence’ certificate from ourselves as a result of an Official Partner status.
  • You are a journalist, media outlet or blog using the composite logo for editorial purposes.

Download a .zip file of all the available UK Charity Week logos including additional formats.

Colour usage of the UK Charity Week logo

The use of the logo with any colour other than the UK Charity Week red, white and blue is not permitted. Please see the following images for examples of proper colour usage.

The specifications for the UK Charity Week blue are:

  • CMYK: 99, 78, 2, 0
  • RGB: 3, 78, 162
  • Web: #034ea2

The specifications for the UK Charity Week red are:

  • CMYK: 1, 99, 97, 0
  • RGB: 237, 28, 36
  • Web: #ed1c24

Space and size dimension requirements when using the UK Charity Week logo

The minimum size of the UK Charity Week logo is:

  • 30mm (3cm) wide

There must always be clear minimum 5mm space around the logo. This clear space is relative to the size of the logo being used. The minimum size requirement does not apply to licensees applying the UK Charity Week logo to any product distributed under licence from UK Charity Week.

Further guidance on using the UK Charity Week logo

  • Do not alter or deform the shape of the logo in any way. The logo must appear exactly as shown: the elements, proportions and relationships must not change.
  • Do not replace the logo type with a different typeface.
  • Do not imitate any element of the logo, including its trade dress.
  • Please include the following copyright notice in all materials: The UK Charity Week logo is the property of Region Media Group Ltd in the UK and/or elsewhere. All rights reserved.
  • Do not use the logo or logotype as an element in titles, headlines or text.
  • Do not place competing visual elements (including but not limited to other trademarks) close to the logo.
  • Do not set type near to the logo that could be construed as a corporate slogan or motto.
  • Do not display the logo more prominently than your own trademarks, logos and names. This includes, but is not limited to a company name, trade name, product name, service name, technology name, social media name or handle.
  • Do not use the logo in any orientation other than horizontally.
  • Do not use or register the logo (or any part of it) as part of another trademark, logo or name. This includes but is not limited to a company name, trade name, product name, service name, social media name or handle.
  • Do not use the logo in any manner that expresses or implies that UK Charity Week has any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval of your product, service or company unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Do not use the logo to make fun of UK Charity Week or portray UK Charity Week in a negative way.
  • Any and all goodwill arising from the use of the logo inures exclusively to Region Media Group Ltd.

Region Media Group Ltd reserves the sole right to alter or refuse any permission to any third party to use the UK Charity Week logo if such use does not comply with these guidelines.

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