UK Charity Week's

Official Partner Businesses

Our Official Partner programme is made up of businesses from all over the United Kingdom and often beyond. These businesses recognise the importance of good ethics, strong principles and trust. They are committed to supporting and promoting the campaign, our Official Partner Charities and working together for the greater good to promote the charity sector positively.

To find out more about becoming an Official Partner Business, please click here.

Keystone Accounts

Keystone Accounts provide a range of accounting services specifically designed for charities and community enterprises.

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The Charity Learning Consortium

The Charity Learning Consortium are passionate about providing quality, affordable eLearning, networking and support to charities, housing associations and not-for-profits.

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The Charitable Group

The Charitable Group is a collection of not-for-private-profit Social Enterprises, all working to fundraise for and benefit UK Charities. Learn more about the Group and find out how you can get involved, create and grow your support and boost donations to your charity.

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Kindred Soul Ltd

Kindred enables any charity to invite their donor base to use the Kindred browser extension and ensures that all online purchases generate a donation whilst giving them a better deal. Everyone wins – and it is all done in two easy steps.

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