UK Charity Week's

The Daily Themes for 2020

Listed below are the details for each of this year’s Daily Themes taking place during UK Charity Week 2020. These themes provide a structure for the week but do not include the endless interviews and supporter posts that will be taking place as well. Follow @UKCharityWeek on social media for regular updates.

You can find and download many resources for each of the activities by clicking here.

Mon: Celebration of Charity

With there being very little to celebrate this year, we have decided that the Celebration of Charity should go-ahead. Even in the darkest of times, there are moments of light that should have a spotlight cast upon them.

The sector continues to fight back the best it can and show a willingness to work together for the greater good. Therefore, this day will be spent sharing our success stories and celebrating those who have gone above and beyond for others during one of the most difficult years in the sector’s history.

Tue: Give 5 Day

Give 5 Day we will be encouraging people to donate 5 of something to their favourite cause, be that £5, 5 items to the local charity shop, 5 hours of volunteering or even five social media post shares it’s your choice.

Wed: Charity BIG Bake

UK Charity Week’s Charity BIG Bake is an opportunity to do some baking with loved ones, friends or family.

Pre-COVID-19 most of our charities would hold baking sessions and sell the cakes during a Coffee and Cake Sale with raffles and other activities. If the current government guidance allows, this is a great way to raise funds for your favoured charity. Alternatively, think outside the box and let us know what you are doing to sell the cakes!

Thu: Volunteers' Day

Volunteers’ Day will be a focus on all things volunteering. We will be sharing some inspirational stories from 2020 that deserve to be told. We will also be publishing some guidance for would-be volunteers to read, along with some best practice guidance for organisations looking to recruit new volunteers or to support their current ones.

There will be case studies and interviews throughout the day.

Fri: UK Charity Week's Christmas Jumper Day

Every year since the campaign’s inception in 2009, UK Charity Week’s Christmas Jumper Day has raised a lot of funds and awareness for our various partner charities. Individuals can raise funds for any cause they choose while having a bit of fun at home or the office.

Sat: Charity Today Awards Winners Showcase

On Saturday 12th December 2020, in partnership with Charity Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at the winners of this year’s Charity Today Awards 2020. Look out on social media for details of how you can nominate and get involved with the Charity Today Awards 2021.

Sun: Fundraising Day

We conclude the week with a look at all things fundraising, including a comprehensive take on the challenges COVID-19 has presented. Finishing with a look at the sector’s hopes and aspirations ahead of 2021.

The campaign will conclude with a closing statement by UK Charity Week founder Lee Rayment.