Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover most of the frequently asked questions about #UKCharityWeek. They are in no particular order so feel free to scroll down to the question that is most important to you right now.

What is #UKCharityWeek?

#UKCharityWeek is a campaign designed to give the people of the United Kingdom an opportunity to place awareness and fundraising for charities high on the national agenda, at a time of the year when people are statistically at their most giving.

#UKCharityWeek is always held within the first full week of December.

When was #UKCharityWeek founded?

UK Charity Week (more commonly referred to as #UKCharityWeek) was founded in 2010.

Who founded #UKCharityWeek?

UK Charity Week (more commonly referred to as #UKCharityWeek) was founded by Charity Today editor Lee Rayment in 2010.

When people say, 'They are proud to support #UKCharityWeek' what do they mean?

It means they believe that UK charities, volunteers, staff and their fundraisers deserve immense public praise for the work that they do.

Does #UKCharityWeek take donations?


If you would like to donate to a charity, please take a look at our Official Partner Charities and then click their logo to find out more about their work.

Make sure you know where your charity donations are going.

How do I become an ambassador of the campaign?

Please email for support with this.

Is #UKCharityWeek part of a multi-million pound corporation?


Certainly not, the campaign is administered by the news team at Charity Today. Charity Today is a news publication published by Region Media Group Ltd who manage the day to day running of its various third sector news publications and supporting projects.

Why do charities have to pay £25 to register?

It is important to note that nobody has to pay anything it is all by choice, and dependant upon the level of promotional support required by the charity.

Marketing often comes at a large expense for charities, with some spending hundreds of millions of pounds on marketing, advertising and ‘influencing’ every year. While other charities often work with very restricted budgets and every penny spent must help the charity to spread the word of their cause and to ultimately achieve their goals, be it awareness, fundraising or recruitment.

With over 160,000 registered charities in the UK, we can’t administer the same year-long level of marketing support for every single one. Therefore, our two-tiered registration process was implemented to allow us to determine the charities that are seriously behind the campaign and believe that the marketing and fundraising opportunities presented will outweigh the cost.

What does the cost cover?

It goes towards the production of the Official Partner Charity’s fundraising and resources pack (known as the ‘Welcome Pack’), the year-long administration of any #UKCharityWeek columnists on Charity Today, the subsequent administration of the social media promotions before, during and after the campaign. It also includes the partnership graphic design collateral, magazine coverage and the year-long Charity of the Year award administration. This is before we look at the campaign’s growth and development! Thankfully, any shortful is covered by our Official Partner Businesses very kind support.

What will I physically see for the £25?

Charity Official Partner Registration

Your registration will be confirmed with a PDF certificate emailed to you.

Extended Brand Licence

The Extended Brand Licence allows you added benefits when it comes to your promotion of #UKCharityWeek as an Official Partner Charity. It will also allow you the opportunity to use the branding with merchandise and some other promotional rights.

Official Welcome Pack & Fundraising Resources

The Welcome Pack will include this year’s printed campaign resources for promoting your official activities during the week. It will also include any other exclusive campaign materials relevant to the year’s daily themes. 

12-Month Columnist Opportunity on

Normally, a cost of £600 would apply for a monthly column on Charity Today. Your Official Partner Charity status allows you to enjoy this magnificent opportunity free of any charge!

Hyperlinked Official Partner Logo

Your charity logo will be included on the Official Partner Charities page and a direct link to your charity’s website.


The official campaign magazine will be sent out to you, and there is also an opportunity for a free article within. Please note: This is subject to space availability at the time of your registration.

Charity Partner ZIP Files

These are the social media collateral files that are constructed by our design team and emailed over to our Official Partner Charities for their exclusive use.

Digital Resources Page Access

This is a password protected page on the #UKCharityWeek website accessible to Official Partner Charities only that contains extra digital copies of the campaign’s marketing files and other resources.

Social Media Acknowledgements

The moment you sign up to become an Official Partner Charity of the campaign, the administrators will begin the work behind the scenes to compile your ‘Welcome Graphic’ which will be shared on Twitter.

There will also be three other Tweets scheduled one before, one during and another soon after the campaign.

You are also welcome to tag us into any relevant campaign posts using @UKCharityWeek.

Social Media Follow

The official Twitter account of UK Charity Week will follow your account for this year’s campaign, and add you to a private list for interaction.

500-Word ‘Welcome’ Article on

If you would like us to feature an article about your new Official Partner Charity status, please feel free to print off a copy of your partner logo and have your team photographed with it! Then send a press release to for inclusion on Charity Today!

Charity Today Awards ‘Charity of the Year’ eligibility

All of our Official Partner Charities can nominate themselves in the Charity Today Awards category of Charity of the Year. Please note: You must be a registered charity of the current year’s campaign on the day the annual nominations close to be eligible.

Could I get a monetary return on the £25?

If you are looking to make a return on your £25 this is certainly possible. Many of our Official Partner Charities say this is the fun part!

Yes, the campaign is largely about the extended promotional and awareness opportunities it affords to charities, but there are also many ways in which you can get a return.

The fundraising opportunities are all listed within the Welcome Pack and will provide you with guidance and examples to help you to try and achieve a monetary return.

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