Daily Themes 2019

Throughout #UKCharityWeek 2019 there will be many charity awareness and fundraising events taking place up, and down the country, we have taken the opportunity to compile a brief list of the official daily themes for #UKCharityWeek 2019.

We invite everyone to get involved and raise plenty of money for their respective UK-registered causes while having some fun!

Keep up the great work all of you, and thank you for your continued support of the campaign!


2nd December 2019 – CELEBRATION OF CHARITY – The first day of the week will be a celebration of all things charity; this is your opportunity to shout about your causes vital work.

You can do this in whatever format you wish, be that holding an event at your premises, or just setting a series of social media posts to talk about your charity, volunteers and supporters throughout the day. Remember to use the correct hashtag! #UKCharityWeek


3rd December 2019 – #Give5Day – Following on from the opening day of celebrations, #UKCharityWeek have teamed up with TheGivingMachine™ to bring you the first-ever #Give5Day. We use this very simple, but highly effective opportunity to encourage people to donate a minimum of £5 to their chosen Official Partner Charity.



4th December 2019 – THE CHARITY BIG BAKE – One of the favourites here at #UKCharityWeek HQ! Maybe you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry? Or, are you the queen of the Victoria Sponge or the king of the Black Forest Gâteau? If so, it’s time to grease your cake tins and pull on your oven mitts, because the #UKCharityWeek Charity Big Bake is back!

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned show-stopper, you can have a great time hosting your own #UKCharityWeek Charity Big Bake to raise money for your Official Partner Charity. Getting started could not be easier with our recipes and guidance at hand, so you can be sure to make your #UKCharityWeek Charity Big Bake event a great success!

Share your pictures on social media using the hashtags #UKCharityWeek #CharityBIGBake on your posts.


5th December 2019 – VOLUNTEER DAY – #UKCharityWeek Volunteer Day runs in tandem with the United Nation’s IVD campaign. Could you bring together a few friends or colleagues to give a bit of time to a local charity? #UKCharityWeek as part of its efforts for International Volunteers Day will be encouraging people to volunteer throughout the day to help one of our Official Partner Charities.

Our Volunteers Day is also an excellent opportunity for volunteers, and volunteer organisations to raise awareness and understanding of the contribution they make to their communities.

Please remember to share pictures of your own local heroes and use the two hashtags #UKCharityWeek #VolunteerDay on your posts.


6th December 2019 – CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY – The hugely popular #UKCharityWeek Christmas Jumper Day is back again this year on Friday 6th December 2019.

Ask your family, friends, school or colleagues to don their favourite festive knits and donate to your chosen #UKCharityWeek Official Partner Charity.

The Christmas Jumper Days raise thousands of pounds up and down the country every year – let’s see what we can all achieve for 2019!

Again, share your fun pictures on social media using the two hashtags #UKCharityWeek #ChristmasJumperDay on your posts. 


7th December 2019 – FUNDRAISING DAY – This fundraising day we would like you to all come together and raise as much funds as possible for our Official Partner Charities across the UK who need your support.

We will take an in-depth look at fundraising as a whole with everything from the views of fundraisers, and perceived best practice, to the role of the Fundraising Regulator. You can also let us know how much you have raised throughout #UKCharityWeek using our official posters!


8th December 2019 – A FOCUS ON TEAMWORK – No charity can succeed without a team ethic being at the forefront of everything they do. So #UKCharityWeek will conclude by looking at how teamwork is vital within your organisation. We will be encouraging everyone to share their stories and pictures of how teamwork has impacted within the workplace and a look at what makes a successful team and how to maintain morale longer term.

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