Be clear on what we stand for

Campaign Values


The UK Charity Week campaign is built on a set of five core values that have shaped our success.

Core Value 1



We are committed to doing what we believe is right, even when that is not the easy thing to do.

Core Value 2



We will always treat people with the utmost respect, believing that you should always treat others the way that you would want to be treated.

Core Value 3



Together with our partners, we will work to promote the charity sector positively always striving to make a better campaign and perception of the charity sector. To be a winning team, we need to take care of each other and ourselves. Asking for and offering each other help makes us more efficient and reduces frustration.

Core Value 4



We believe in truthfulness, sincerity and frankness. Freedom from all deceit or fraud. Those that we work with will know that we will defend what the campaign stands for.

Core Value 5



Especially when it is hard to, having hard conversations are, by definition difficult, but that is also why they are essential. Points of conflict are where we most need to be able to have a respectful exchange so that we can do right by the campaign, staff members and partners.